Newman MP3 Player Breaks My Heart for Valentine’s

Newman MP3 Player Breaks My Heart for Valentine’s


Nothing quite says Valentine’s Day like a broken heart. At least, that seems to be the thinking behind the latest creation from our friends at Newman. They’ve created an MP3 player just in time for V-Day and it’s shaped like a heart. Cute, right? Well, you can actually snap this heart in half to produce two separate players.

The idea is that you get his-and-her (or his-and-his, if you swing that way) portable music players, reuniting when you find yourselves close enough for physical contact again. When the two broken pieces of the heart re-attach to one another, it looks like two faces kissing. The face on the left looks a little more masculine and the one of the right looks a little more feminine, but I’m thinking that the Newman MP3 player is supposed to be relatively asexual. Well, as asexual as two faces kissing can get.

It seems that the heart-shaped player is only available in China at this time and they’re not releasing any further information about file compatibility, storage capacity, or the potential for shipping to our shores.