Coco Chanel Choco Fashion Phone Actually Looks Good

Coco Chanel Choco Fashion Phone Actually Looks Good


Usually, when I hear the term “fashion phone”, I cringe a little because I fully expect the handset to get encrusted with Swarovski crystal and take on some sort of funky form factor that isn’t useful at all. Thankfully, the Choco Phone concept from Coco Chanel not only looks good, but it could actually be functional too.

When in its closed position, the Choco fashion phone looks almost like an overgrown Rubik’s Cube, minus the extra thickness. Designed by Fred de Garilhe, the Coco Chanel phone slides downwards to reveal the full color display. What you once thought were useless little squares become the numeric keypad and the basic navigational controls. The svelte silver finish is pretty attractive too.

Oh, and they mention that the display image is kept between two glass parts thanks to an integrated “optical fiber system.” This is said to offer good luminosity while reducing the weight of the handset. Cool. Too bad the Choco phone is still vaporware at this point.