Best Hands-Free Car Accessory for the iPhone

Best Hands-Free Car Accessory for the iPhone


Walk into just about any Apple store (or eBay store, for that matter), and you’ll immediately be bombarded with an endless supply of accessories for the Apple iPhone. People like making silicone sleeves, speaker docks, and all sorts of other gadgetry to accompany the touchtastic mobile phone. But which is the best? iLounge has taken it upon themselves to declare what is the best hands-free car accessory for the Apple iPhone and the winner is the Bluetrek SurfaceSound Compact.

I imagine that this Bluetooth-enabled device will work with any other cell phone, but when you peep the svelte appearance and slim profile, you can see why the SurfaceSound Compact from Bluetrek goes so well with the iPhone. iLounge says that it “makes the calling part of using an iPhone substantially better in your vehicle.” This is largely thanks to the NXT flat speaker that attaches to your car visor. The mic is supposed to be pretty good too.

The SurfaceSound Compact — developed by ModeLabs Group — is available at a variety of retailers for about $100.