Red Pantech Duo Phone Goes After Your Green

Red Pantech Duo Phone Goes After Your Green


Valentine’s Day is just over a week away, so this means that maybe 10% of guys have something planned and the remaining 90% are still trying to find the best deal on some flowers and chocolate. The concept of selling a red cell phone on V-Day isn’t exactly original, but at least the Pantech Duo does red AND pink, doubling up that femininity for the special girl in your life.

Available through AT&T starting this week, the red version of the Pantech Duo will still boast the same awesome features as its not-so-girly counterpart. This means that when you slide the phone upwards, you gain access to a standard numeric keypad, whereas a horizontal shift reveals a full QWERTY keyboard for email and SMS aficionados. Other specs include 3G connectivity, QVGA display, Bluetooth, and WMP10.

After all this time, we finally have an answer to the age-old question: What’s red, pink, and QWERTY all over? The special Valentine’s edition Pantech Duo, of course!