Official: Unlimited Mobile Browsing for $7 from Rogers, Fido

Official: Unlimited Mobile Browsing for $7 from Rogers, Fido


Canadians have long since been itching for an unlimited data plan for their cell phones and when Bell announced their $7 deal late last year, we thought that we could be getting closer to our dreams. Unfortunately for us, that $7 unlimited mobile browsing add-on only applied to regular cell phones and not to smartphones or BlackBerry devices. The same is true today with Rogers and Fido.

Rumors have been running rampant about a $7 unlimited mobile browsing add-on at Rogers Wireless and Fido, and now that option has been fully confirmed for both providers. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the “unlimited data” is much like the one offered by Bell Mobility, so you’re stuck using regular cell phones like the RAZR2 for your surfing habits. Smartphones need not apply, because they track your sessions using IMEI info.

Shucks. Sounds like the HTC Touch — which Bell considers to be a regular phone and not a smartphone — is the closest to a true $7 mobile surfer as Canadians are going to get. At least for now.