Video: Robot Gets Remotely Controlled by Nintendo DS

Video: Robot Gets Remotely Controlled by Nintendo DS


The touchscreen-equipped portable gaming machine from Nintendo never ceases to amaze me. When I first picked up a DS Lite, I was enthralled by multiplayer sessions of Tetris DS and Mario Kart DS, but it was only after I discovered the homebrew possibilities that the DS really started to shine. And the development has just hit a new high.

French engineering students have managed to create a solution wherein the Nintendo DS can be used as a remote control for a Pekee Robot. Better still, the primary control is done through the touchscreen display, adding to the fun of navigating a robot around your living room. The rest of the wireless commands are conducted through the D-pad, motion sensors, and voice commands via the system’s mic.

Imagine how much further they can take this. What if you mounted a webcam on that robot? Could you feed the video through to the top screen of the DS?