Make a WiFi Hotspot Out of Your S60 Smartphone

Make a WiFi Hotspot Out of Your S60 Smartphone


This is tethering of a whole new species. No longer do you need to physically connect your S60 device to your laptop in order to provide the latter with Internet access. This is because the kind folks at Joiku, a Finnish mobile developer, have created an application that fundamentally transforms any data-capable S60 handset into a WiFi hotspot.

In this way, the phone’s connection to the web can actually be shared with several notebook computers (and other WiFi devices) at the same time, but I imagine that sharing your HSDPA-fueled goodness with too many units will have a serious damper on performance. Even so, the Joiku application makes for a fully pocketable HSDPA-powered WiFi hotspot-maker.

To make matters even better, JoikuSpot Light is being offered for free. The downside is that you are not able to create an encrypted access point, so just about anyone in range can “borrow’ your connection. We’re assuming that the non-Light version of JoikuSpot will have greater support for things like WEP and WPA.