Extensive Review of Nokia N82 Smartphone

Extensive Review of Nokia N82 Smartphone


Although I’ve never owned one myself, I’m a pretty big fan of the N-series smartphones from the kindly crew at Nokia. The form factors are fashionable enough for a night on the town, yet corporate enough for the most business-minded amongst us. When they first announced the Nokia N82, some people said that it was like the N95 but in a candybar form factor. Does this assumption hold up?

Wireless Info has put together one of the most extensive and comprehensive reviews of the Nokia N82 to date. While the camera isn’t quite up to par with the N95, the N82 camera is still pretty darn good. They were also fairly impressed with audio quality, battery life, and GPS/FM functionality. On the downside, the keypad is “fiddly” and the lack of US-friendly 3G is a bit of a downer.

Priced at $550, the Nokia N82 certainly isn’t the cheapest phone on the block, but its feature set and build quality make it worth the asking price… assuming you need all these features and goodies. Peep the review through the link below. They’ve broken it down into no fewer than 16 sections for your ogling pleasure.