Super Bowl: The $3 Million Swan Song from HD-DVD (Video)

Super Bowl: The $3 Million Swan Song from HD-DVD (Video)


Many people are saying that the next-generation war is all but over with Blu-ray coming out on top. Others say that HD DVD will not go the way of the Betamax and all it’ll take is one last effort to get people on board. In an attempt to win over a few more users, Toshiba and HD DVD put out an ad during the Super Bowl that cost them just shy of $3 million. That’s just for the ad space, mind you, and for the production of the commercial itself.

Super Bowl commercials are usually known for being pretty innovative or funny. I was particularly pleased with a couple of the commercials from Career Builder and Sobe Life Water (you can’t go wrong with lizards performing Michael Jackson’s Thriller), but this Toshiba ad is neither innovative or funny. Your perspective may be different than mine, but I just found it to be too… normal. It’s like every other conventional ad I’ve seen.

I don’t know. Here, just for yourself and see if the $3 million ad spot was worth it for Toshiba and HD DVD. Should Sony and Blu-ray start their happy dance now?