Say Goodbye to Yahoo! Music Unlimited

Say Goodbye to Yahoo! Music Unlimited


Should we be chalking this up as a victory for iTunes?

As if Yahoo wasn’t already going through some complicated times already, they’ve decided to slay the all-you-can-eat DRM music service known as Yahoo! Music Unlimited. The press release was sent out earlier today and it says that they’ll be sending existing music-loving customers over to Rhapsody for all their DRM needs. They promise that the conversion from Yahoo! Music Unlimited to Rhapsody will be a “simple process” and users will keept their libraries in tact.

You’re probably already aware of Yahoo’s current negotiations with Microsoft regarding a possible buyout. Following that line of thought, wouldn’t it almost make more sense to see how that pans out and then consider the possibility of combining powers for digital music downloads too? YaZune or something?