$99 Unlimited Helio Plan Available for Limited Time

$99 Unlimited Helio Plan Available for Limited Time


There are people who only need a small cell phone plan. These are the kinds of people who are perfectly satisfied with a hundred minutes, and having extras like voicemail, caller ID, and text messages are simply bonuses that will largely go unused. This plan is not for them.

Any power users in the audience who seem to always go over their monthly limits had better listen up, because Helio is reducing the price of their unlimited plan by $46 a month. This is a limited time offer, so there’s no saying how long Helio is going to leave this option on the table. The regular price for their unlimited plan is $145 a month, but you can nab it now for just $99 a month. They do require a two-year contract, however.

That said, Helio really means unlimited when they say that this is the unlimited plan. There are no limits on minutes, text messages, video messages, instant messages, emails, 3G web surfing, GPS services, file transfers, or use of MySpace Mobile. A flat rate with no surprises.