Video of Guitar Hero on the iPhone

Video of Guitar Hero on the iPhone


Last month, we came across a killer application for the iPhone that effectively lets you play a virtual guitar on Apple’s touchtastic device. Called Pocket Guitar, it looks like a heck of a lot of fun, but it also looked like it would be a lot more challenging to play than Guitar Hero. After all, it had like “real” strings and stuff.

Pocket Guitar for the iPhone is a piece of cake for the guy in the video featured below, because he’s strumming through that virtual axe like it was nothing. Watch as he cranks out Shape of My Heart by Sting, all while having the iPhone rest on his chest. This guy’s got some crazy skills.

You’ll also notice that the user interface gives the option to choose between three different guitars — Distorted Guitar, Acoustic-Electric Guitar, and Electric Bass — if you’re looking for a slightly different sound. It’s not Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but Pocket Guitar could prove to be a lot more powerful.