Intel Chip from MacBook Air Headed for Lenovo, Fujitsu

Intel Chip from MacBook Air Headed for Lenovo, Fujitsu


While most people are focusing on the ridiculously thin proportions of the MacBook Air, the new Intel chip found within is pretty notable too. However, Apple’s relative exclusivity on the smaller and more efficient Core 2 Duo processor is coming to an end, because both Lenovo and Fujitsu are already working on new notebooks that make use of the Intel chip.

As you recall, Apple approached Intel to create a special Core 2 Duo processor just for the MacBook Air. The idea is that this chip “fits into a package that’s significantly smaller than the garden-variety package Intel uses with its notebook chips, and it uses less power than the standard Core 2 Duo.” This means that manufacturers can shove the processor into ever-shrinking laptops while maintaining a reasonable battery life.

Naturally, the special Core 2 Duo processor isn’t meant for big beefy machines, fitting better with ultraportable notebooks like the Fujitsu LifeBook line of small laptops. I imagine that Asus will want a piece of this ultraportable pie too.