First Production Tesla Roadster Arrives This Week

First Production Tesla Roadster Arrives This Week


The Tesla Roadster is meant to represent the perfect marriage between being environmentally conscious and looking hot doing it. Unfortunately for most people, mass production of the hot electric sports car has been pushed back several times, so we became a little disenchanted with when a Tesla Roadster would actually hit the road. We’ve seen working prototypes, but where are the production models?

We reported some time back that official series production of the Tesla Roadster would commence on March 17th, but the first production model will be ready well before that date. More specifically, the first production Tesla Roadster will be delivered this week to the company’s San Carlos headquarters. The proud owner of the electric coupe is Tesla chairman Elon Musk.

The first production Tesla Roadster, dubbed “P1”, demonstrates that “we have met all regulatory requirements for the importation and sale of the Tesla Roadster as a fully certified production car.” Test drives have already been conducted by Motor Trend, Autoweek, and Road and Track.

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