Sony Digital Picture Frames Love Raw Images

Sony Digital Picture Frames Love Raw Images


Digital picture frames have quickly gained in popularity in the marketplace, because they’ve become so much more affordable and easy-to-use than their earlier counterparts. These products work great for soccer moms and other folks who aren’t as tech-savvy, so that’s why it’s interesting to hear that a new line of Sony frames will fully support RAW shots.

That’s right. If you’re rocking a monstrous DSLR and you will settle for nothing less than RAW images (in ARW, SRF, and SR2 formats), then these Sony frames are definitely for you. No need to go through some ugly JPG compression. You see, the S-Frame series — which includes a 7-inch DPF-D70, 7-inch DPF-V700, and 9-inch DPF-V900 — have a downscaling processor that can handle up to 48-megapixel images. I just hope the processing is speedy, because we hate seeing our family photos get rendered slowly.

Top of the line models come with things like Bluetooth, native HDMI output, full 1080p support, and on-frame editing tools to eliminate red-eye, but even the lower end stuff gets 10 different slideshow modes, a calendar, and a clock. Prices range from $140 to $250 with shipments expected to commence in March.