FCC Lets Your BlackBerry Share Music with Everyone

FCC Lets Your BlackBerry Share Music with Everyone


By and the large, the public impression of the BlackBerry line of handsets from Research in Motion is that of a business handheld. The BlackBerry is something this is used by guys in three-piece suits so that they can stay in touch with the office via email, keep track of their busy schedules, and so forth. With the release of products like the Pearl, RIM is really trying to get the BlackBerry a little more mainstream appeal and part of that has to do with multimedia.

So, in light of this attention to multimedia, here is the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway, a Bluetooth music hub that has recently gone through its paces at the almighty FCC. The svelte little device connects to your tune-worthy ‘Berry via Bluetooth and then it can pump up the jam through any speakers via the output jack. It doesn’t have any tune-blasters of its own, so you’ll need to supply the speakers yourself.

A fun little product that lets you read your email and let your hair hang out with Sonic Youth. No word on pricing or availability.