Asus Eee PC: The Honeymoon is Over

Asus Eee PC: The Honeymoon is Over


We all swooned over the Asus Eee PC when it was first revealed to the public. We loved the tiny form factor, the unique Linux operating system, the great build quality, and the ultra-affordable price point. Because of all these positives, we were willing overlook some of its drawbacks. Unfortunately, as with any other relationship, the undesirable characteristics become more and more obvious over time.

Mark Wilson has had the opportunity to use the Asus Eee PC pretty much since launch day, and in the time that has passed, he has started to like the mini-notebook less and less. He’s even wishing that they invested the $400 elsewhere! Among his complaints are the small 7-inch screen, the unstable and buggy operating system, the lack of RAM, and the subpar Wi-Fi.

In the end, Mark isn’t sure if the Eee PC is a “don’t buy”, but he’s really starting to notice all the bad things about the glossy white (or black) subnotebook, rather than reveling in the good. How has your Eee experience been? Is it collecting dust yet?