Toshiba W61T Declares, “I’m So Sporty!”

Toshiba W61T Declares, “I’m So Sporty!”


Allow me to apologize for the horrible, horrible reference to the Spice Girls. It’s probably for the best if you don’t get it. Another thing that strikes me about today’s announcement is that cell phone makers have recently become infatuated with the number 61. We saw the Pantech W61PT yesterday, as well as the Hitachi W61H and the Casio W61CA. This can’t possible be a coincidence, right, because here is the Toshiba W61T clamshell phone, a handset that is definitely designed for the sportier amongst us.

To be launched by KDDI Japan some time this year, the Toshiba W61T boasts the AU Smart Sports function, which is supposed to monitor your workout and keep track of all those digits associated with your exercise regimen. I guess you could say that it’s similar to the Nike+iPod sport kit.

Rounding out the specs on the decidedly rectangular Toshiba W61T are a 2.8-inch OLED screen, 3MP CMOS camera, microSD expansion, VGA video recording, FM radio, and USB connectivity. Look for it in white, pink, and blue. I’m just wondering about the lack of an external display.