Softbank 922SH Mobile TV Phone is Looking Sharp

Softbank 922SH Mobile TV Phone is Looking Sharp


You could say that the new Sharp 922SH cell phone from Softbank Japan is a clamshell, but the hinge doesn’t allow for vertical flipping action. Instead, this mobile TV-minded handset takes on a form factor more like the Nintendo DS, opening up to reveal a large 3.5-inch VGA display, as well as a somewhat squished QWERTY keyboard where you would normally find a touchscreen.

There’s a small external screen for basic things like telling the time, signal strength, and caller ID, but you’ll want to make use of that glorious high-resolution LCD on the inside if you want to take advantage of its mobile television tendencies. This is especially true because the 922SH takes advantage of Sharp’s Aquos technology.

Rounding out the specs on this phone are an extendable antenna, high-speed 3G connection, Bluetooth, multimedia player, and your choice of gold bronze, metallic black, pearl white, or pearl pink (pictured). Look for the Sharp 922SH to launch with Softbank Japan in late March.