Block the iSight with iPatch When You Do Dirty Things

Block the iSight with iPatch When You Do Dirty Things


When you have a webcam that is separate from your computer, it’s easy to simply disconnect the device when you’re not using it, only plugging it in when you’re ready to share your video-ified world with contacts. When it comes to the iSight on the MacBook and MacBook Pro, however, the webcam is there all the time and hackers might remotely activate its video feed. That can’t be good if you happen to be doing something nasty.

Enter the iPatch. The appropriately named piece of plastic will slide over the lens of the MacBook’s iSight camera, effectively granting you the privacy you need when you need it most. Available in white, silver, and black to match the color scheme of your chosen Apple laptop, the iPatch is form-fitted and will seamlessly integrate with the rest of your glossy goodness.

Although not quite ready for market, a version of the iPatch for the MacBook Air is also in the works. Enjoy piece of mind for under five bucks.