Three New Sony Ericsson Phones Heading to Rogers, Fido

Three New Sony Ericsson Phones Heading to Rogers, Fido


Nothing has been confirmed by Rogers Wireless or Fido just yet, but a leak has come out of Sony Ericsson Canada indicating that at least three new handsets are on their way to the GSM providers. As expected, these phones either fall under the Walkman moniker or the Cyber-shot branding for music-listening and photo-taking, respectively.

First up is the Sony Ericsson W380a, an entry-level flip phone that could be among the slimmer offerings from the team at Sony Ericsson. It’s shown here in purple, but I’d imagine that other color options will present themselves when and if this phone arrives at Fido or Rogers. You’ll also notice the external music controls on this Walkman phone.

The other two offerings are a little more picture-friendly, falling into the middle range of the K-series Sony Ericsson handsets. We’ve seen the K850i before. That’s the one in the middle with the lack of a conventional five-way navigator, instead getting those buttons to surround the 2 and 5 keys. Off to the far right is the Sony Ericsson K550i, a more budget-minded phone that seems best suited for Fido.