LG Rumor Gets New Firmware, Fixes Rumored Problems

LG Rumor Gets New Firmware, Fixes Rumored Problems


Some time back, we told you about a rumor concerning the LG Rumor from Sprint. We were told that the new phone had a wide array of issues and that was why Sprint started to pull the handset off of shelves. Sprint then came firing back saying that there was nothing wrong with the phone, citing an unexpected level of interest as the cause of the lack of stock.

Whatever the case, Sprint has finally decided to send out a firmware update for the LG Rumor, addressing those non-existent issues that they refuse to acknowledge. The good news is that you don’t need to get yourself to a physical Sprint store to get the update — though you can do that if you prefer — because the firmware upgrade is a simple over-the-air affair.

In order to update your LG Rumor, simply go to the main menu, choose settings/tools, then tools, then update firmware. The process should be fairly speedy and then you won’t have to deal with those non-existent quirks anymore.