Casio W61CA Waterproof Phone Boasts Five Megapixels

Casio W61CA Waterproof Phone Boasts Five Megapixels


Although I probably would recommend against you trying some deep sea photography with this thing, it is kind of cool at the new Casio W61CA EXILIM mobile phone is waterproof. This means that if you happen to drop the handset in the pool, it should emerge out the other end completely unscathed.

Better still, the W61CA EXILIM phone — which will be available through the KDDI network in Japan — comes equipped with a 5.1 megapixel camera, granting you just as much resolution as you standalone point-and-shoot camera. I’m not 100% positive about the quality, but they say that it uses the same EXILIM technology as Casio’s other cameras.

Other cool specs include a 2.7-inch QVGA LCD, microSD expansion, Japanese-English dictionary, calorie consumption calculator, and an “Adelie penguin” featured on the standby screen. Look for it in Mode Green, Couture Gold, Esprit Yellow, and Robe White.