All-New Jaguar Coupe To Battle Porsche 911

All-New Jaguar Coupe To Battle Porsche 911


When the Jaguar names enters into a discussion, people usually talk about the plush leather seats and the other luxurious amenities that seem to define the brand. Performance, while perfectly respectable, is usually of secondary concern, but I guess the suits aren’t particularly pleased with that perception. As it turns out, Jaguar is reportedly in the process of developing a high-powered coupe that will compete directly against the Porsche 911.

Jaguar, which will likely be sold (along with Land Rover) to Tata Motors very soon, is not new to the area of sports cars, having produced a number of C- and E-Types that can hold their own just fine. In an effort to revitalize this perception, Jaguar engineers and designers are “still dreaming of producing track-worthy vehicles.” The closest to a true Jag sports car right now is the XK, but it’s “widely considered closer to a GT.”

The Porsche 911 fighter will most likely bear the F-Type namesake and it’d use a shortened version of the XJ all-aluminum chassis. Engine choices are still up in the air.