Sony Ericsson Focuses on AM/FM Radio For Emerging Markets

Sony Ericsson Focuses on AM/FM Radio For Emerging Markets


When you visit emerging markets like India and China, you may find the same level of high-end cell phone proliferation as you find in more developed markets. They may or may not have the same access to online music services and over-the-air music downloads. But these folks still want to be entertained, right?

Sony Ericsson has come along with a couple of new mobile phones that are targeting “emerging markets” around the world. The key feature on both the R300 and the R306 Radio is the fact that they contain an AM/FM radio for mobile entertainment and information purposes. There are already countless phones that do the FM radio thing, but I haven’t heard about something providing AM reception. The idea is that these phones can “deliver a credible radio-listening experience.”

The R300 is a candybar with a mono speaker, whereas the R306 Radio is a clamshell with stereo speakers. They both come with preset channel buttons “to enable easy switching between radio channels.” Rounding out the specs are 3D sound, sound recording, integrated camera (VGA on the R300, 1.3MP on the R306), TrackID, and GSM/GPRS reception.