Skyfire Brings the Real Web to Smartphone Users

Skyfire Brings the Real Web to Smartphone Users


Even though you may be rocking a smartphone with a high-speed data connection, the mobile web experience just isn’t as satisfying as when you sit in front of a real computer, surfing the ‘net the way it was meant to be surfed. Cruising through sites that have been “optimized” for mobile web users is far from complete.

Skyfire has created a new mobile web browser that effectively makes browsing the web on a smartphone “just like browsing on a PC.” They say that this new application allows smartphone users to access and interact with any website, including those that use dynamic Flash, advanced Ajax, Java, and more.

The Skyfire solution — which is currently being showcased at DEMO 08 — comes equipped with bookmarking functionality, multiple tabs, fullscreen navigation, thumbnail views, and dynamic zooming. A private beta is available for both touchscreen and non-touchscreen Windows Mobile phones. A Symbian version is also in the works.