Rumored Rogers Data Plans Point Toward iPhone Launch

Rumored Rogers Data Plans Point Toward iPhone Launch


That’s what the current rumors seem to be indicating, because a series of new Rogers data plans that have been leaked point heavily toward unlimited wireless data, possibly ushering in the way for the Apple iPhone.

Naturally, a report like this should be taken with a very heavy grain of salt, but Canadians could be on their way to getting some affordable data that’s actually usable. I can’t say for sure, but my gut is telling me that this is too good to be true. Instead of true free wireless data, the plans probably restrict you to WAP, much like the $7 unlimited data plan from Bell Mobility.

We also hear that this “new data plan with be IMEI (the identifying # on every GSM cell phone) driven, which means that Rogers will be tracking which phones will be allowed to access these data plans.” This almost sounds like a CDMA-esque restriction, doesn’t it?

Anyways, here are the rumored plans and value packs:

Value Packs Update:
$5 Community Value Pack
500 SMS, 50 MMS
3 months unlimited SMS and MMS

$20 Updated Communicate Pack
Caller ID, Name Display, Voicemail, Who Called
2500 SMS, 1000 MMS
Unlimited On-Device Mobile Browsing

$7 Vision Internet Package
50 Video Calling mins
Unlimited On-Device Mobile Browsing
Unlimited Video calling for 12 months

New Data Plans
$7 – Unlimited On-Device Mobile Browsing
$15 – 2MB Blackberry Package