Verizon Wireless: Samsung FlipShot Sells in Red Too

Verizon Wireless: Samsung FlipShot Sells in Red Too


Seeing how a certain romantic holiday is just around the corner, it seems that every cell phone manufacturer (and service provider) is trying to release as many handsets in red as possible. Because, you know, red phones mean I love you… or something like that.

The latest firm to throw their name in the Valentine’s hat is Verizon Wireless, announcing that they will sell the twist-and-shout Samusng FlipShot in both red and black color schemes. Clearly, the biggest selling feature on this phone is its ability to flip up and rotate the main display, giving you a better look at the screen when you take pictures with the 3.0 megapixel camera.

Other specs include Bluetooth (but object push is limited to vCard only), camcorder, living wallpaper, PictBridge, V CAST Music and Video, Get It Now, VZ Navigator, Mobile Web 2.0, and a personal organizer. Sign a two-year contract and grab the Samsung FlipShot for $149.99 after $50 rebate.