Sony Ericsson C1i Concept Phone Boasts Full Touchscreen

Sony Ericsson C1i Concept Phone Boasts Full Touchscreen


Everyone seems to love touchscreen displays these days, especially those with multi-touch capabilities. The functionality has long since been available on PDA-type devices, but it has only been recently that the touchscreen functionality migrated over to a more consumer-level device rather than just for business users.

Sony Ericsson has yet to plunge into this emerging trend, but the Sony Ericsson C1i concept phone, one that boasts a huge touchscreen, could change that for the popular cell phone maker. There are obviously very few details surrounding this handset, because it’s not even an official concept from SE. Instead, it’s the brainchild of some guys at Esato.

Depending on how the new touchscreen UIQ interface works, this could prove to be quite the winner, especially considering how much people love the Walkman and Cyber-shot phones already in Sony Ericsson’s lineup. Add in a touchscreen and people will be drooling all the way to the mobile phone store.