P-Per Design Concept Could Be Best Cell Phone Ever (Video)

P-Per Design Concept Could Be Best Cell Phone Ever (Video)


Having a touchscreen display occupy most of the front of your phone is one thing, but when you wrap the entire freaking phone — front and back — with touchable e-paper technology, you’ve got something pretty incredible. That’s exactly what the folks at Chocolate Design Agency have decided to do with their P-Per mobile phone concept.

Based on the same technology underlying their E-Paper Slap Bracelet, the P-Per Concept is composed of just four layers of sustainable materials. Yes, in addition to having a totally awesome “organic” display on both sides, the P-Per is a “green” device too. The e-paper technology is particularly energy-saving.

Other goodies include an Organic Radical battery and a transparent-like interface for the camera. Too bad it’s just a figment of our collective imaginations for now.