No Everex CloudBook at WalMart Until Late February

No Everex CloudBook at WalMart Until Late February


If you’ve been itching to get your hands on one of the cheapest Linux-based notebooks possible, you might have to wait a little longer because the CloudBook from Everex just got delayed.

The original plan called for the laptop — which is powered by the Linux-based gOS operating system, the same OS underlying the Everex desktops at WalMart — to start selling today, but they’re saying that “last minute software tweaks” are pushing the launch date a little further back. More specifically, they’re predicting a late February release “at the earliest.”

You’ve got to wonder what’s involved in these “software tweaks”, seeing how the gOS is already up and running on the Cloudbook’s desktop counterparts. In the meantime, I guess you have no choice but to snatch up an Asus Eee PC instead if you really must have a sub-notebook to play with.