BlackBerry Pearl Offered in Red by Bell Mobility

BlackBerry Pearl Offered in Red by Bell Mobility


I’m pretty sure that this isn’t a (PRODUCT) RED device, but that hasn’t stopped Bell Mobility from dressing up the BlackBerry Pearl in a new red casing. Just in time for Valentine’s Day — it’s probably cheaper than a dozen roses on February 14th — the red BlackBerry Pearl boasts the same feature set as its not so red counterparts.

What this means is that you still get to navigate through the propriety BlackBerry menu system using that cool illuminated trackball thing. You still get to fire off emails and text messages using the integrated SureType keyboard. And you still get to snap spur of the moment photos with the 2.0 megapixel camera. Oh, and and it’s got integrated GPS too.

No word on price, but I’d imagine that Bell won’t be adding a red premium to this particular handset. I could be wrong through.