Tesla Roadster Will Finally Begin Production March 17th

Tesla Roadster Will Finally Begin Production March 17th


This has certainly been a very long time coming. We first saw the Tesla Roadster many moons ago, but after working out some of the recent transmission issues, the developers are finally saying that the electric sports car will enter production on March 17th of this year.

The transmission problems were going to result in yet another delay, leaving electrophiles rather displeased with the prospect of having to wait even longer for their hip new sports car. The California-based automaker says that they’ve fixed this problem by fitting the cars “with temporary two-speed transmissions” and they will later retrofit the vehicles with “DriveTrain 1.5.” Whatever that means.

Don’t expect to be rolling down the streets of Malibu in one of these cars any time soon, however. Production of the EV Roadster will be quite slow with only one car being made each week to start. By the end of the year, this will accelerate to 40 cars per week.