Samsung Fashion Phones Made Specifically For Women

Samsung Fashion Phones Made Specifically For Women


Christina Aguilera once sang about what a girl wants and what a girl needs, but it’s Samsung that apparently knows “what women want”, because they’ve unleashed a couple of highly fashionable cell phones. The SGH-L310 and SGH-L320 are catering to the more feminine among us, getting loaded with so-called “female applications” like a shopping list, perfume-matching system, and a calorie counter.

I guess what Samsung is saying is that women like to shop, smell good, and lose weight. They couldn’t be more stereotypical, could they? Naturally, both phones also come equipped with a dose of high fashion, featuring smooth lines and better-than-you couture.

On the techie side of things, girls get loaded with Bluetooth, 2 megapixel cameras, and concealed external displays. Rounding out the specs are tri-band GPRS/EDGE, MP3 and AAC playback, microSD expansion. Look for them to launch in Russia in February, with the L310 (left) and L320 (right) going for $352 and $322, respectively. Sales will expand into Europe a little later on.