iPod Scroll Wheel Getting Multi-Touch Too?

iPod Scroll Wheel Getting Multi-Touch Too?


This almost seems like an act in futility, but a recent patent filed by Apple seems to point toward a new click wheel for the iPod that will accept multiple inputs from multiple fingers.

Remember when the click wheel was first revealed and everyone thought it was God’s gift to man? Remember the same reaction that people got when Steve Jobs starting showing off the multi-touch capabilities of the Apple iPhone? It seemed obvious enough that Apple was going to capitalize on our love of multi-touch, but they might as well replace the bottom half of the iPod with a multi-touch screen if they’re going to do this.

The main thing that the patent is supposed to show is that the click wheel will actually illuminate when you use it, lighting up the portion where you finger happens to be touching. Because Figure 13B shows two fingers, we can’t help but think that multi-touch is coming to the iPod classic and nano (or their respective successors).