Hello Moto, Goodbye 34% of Earnings

Hello Moto, Goodbye 34% of Earnings


If you go back ten or fifteen years, Motorola was the king of mobile phones. If you owned a cell phone during that time, it would undoubtedly be a huge honking flip phone from the guys at Moto. If you were particularly cool, you may have upgraded to a MicroTAC Elite or a StarTAC. More recently, the RAZR and SLVR really took off and things looked fine and dandy. My, how the mighty have fallen.

It seems that Motorola has been riding the RAZR V3 bandwagon for a little too long, because sales during Q4 2007 have slipped a full 34%, amounting to a huge $388 million loss for the company’s mobile division. That’s far from profitable, obviously, and industry pundits are blaming their downfall on “stale product launches.”

That said, it’s not like Motorola was being lazy during 2007. The RAZR2 and the Q9 looked like they were going to be pretty hot, but they weren’t enough to lift the company out of their slump. Whatever the case, it’s clearly time for a change.