AT&T Offers Wi-Fi Hotspot Access for Free!

AT&T Offers Wi-Fi Hotspot Access for Free!


The good news is that the next time you find yourself at a Barnes & Noble bookstore, you could be surfing the web with your laptop and it won’t cost you a penny. Got a few hours to kill at the airport? They’ve got you covered there too, because AT&T is reportedly giving out free access to their over 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the country.

That’s the good news. The caveat is that this free access is not being opened up to every Dick and Jane. Instead, the free access is being offered only to existing AT&T broadband subscribers. It’s still a nice gesture, because if you’re already filling up the coffers of AT&T through your home Internet access, they might as well provide you with webby goodness on the road too.

For more specific information, check out this page in AT&T’s press room.