What’s Up With Modu Mobile? (Video)

What’s Up With Modu Mobile? (Video)


A teaser video has emerged on the Internet pointing toward a secret device called the Modu. We’re not exactly sure what this portable device will be or what it will do, but the video does make mention of the official website.

Located at modumobile.com, we assume that the Modu is some sort of mobile phone or mobile accessory. Watching the video below, we see the Modu can be used in tandem with a variety of devices, presumably giving you a personalized experience with every new gadget you use. You can see the Modu working in tandem with a laptop, a GPS navigator, and a portable speaker system, among other applications.

Based on the brief glimpses of the product, we can discern that the Modu has some sort of color display and a domino-like control pad underneath, presenting a candybar form factor not unlike the first two generations of the iPod nano. Is it a phone? A glorified flash drive?