Singapore Wants Exclusive Australian Rights to Apple iPhone

Singapore Wants Exclusive Australian Rights to Apple iPhone


This story sounds terribly confusing and that’s because it is. The Apple iPhone has become quite the international phenomenon and now it may finally arrive on Australian shores in a more official kind of manner.

Steve Jobs and Apple are reportedly in talks with a couple of major mobile phone operators in Australia so that they can officially launch the iPhone in the land of kangaroos and boomerangs. The two frontrunners, so we hear, are Optus and Singapore Telecommunications. At the same time, SingTel also wants exclusive rights to the Jesus phone in Singapore.

To go even more international, Aussie operator Optus wants to bring the iPhone to Thailand. You may have also heard about talks with China Mobile in China, and NTT DoCoMo and Softbank in Japan. Wow, sounds like everyone wants a piece of the big Apple pie, even if Cupertino wants a significant chunk of the revenue earned through service plans.