Nokia 2600 and Nokia 1209 Look Cheaper Than Cheap

Nokia 2600 and Nokia 1209 Look Cheaper Than Cheap


Because they are the world’s largest cell phone manufacturer, Nokia knows how to approach just about every segment of the market. The company has a healthy supply of smartphones, messaging phones, and high-end multimedia phones, but what about phones for users on an incredibly tight budget? Yup, Nokia has them covered too.

The recently revealed Nokia 2600 and Nokia 1209 are about as low-end as low-end can get. These are decidedly entry-level phones with anemic feature sets to match. The cheaper of the two if the Nokia 1209 (right) and they’ll probably sell this handset in emerging markets. It goes for about fifty bucks and has next to no real features outside of an integrated flashlight and dust-resistant keypad. The 1209 will ship in Q2.

The $95 Nokia 2600 (left) is a little higher on the entry-level spectrum, getting some basics like FM radio, VGA camera, Bluetooth, and MP3 ringtone support. It also has a larger display and a more creative design. The Nokia 2600 is available now.