New Ford Taurus Next Year, Does Anyone Care?

New Ford Taurus Next Year, Does Anyone Care?


Sales figures for the 2008 Ford Taurus are not nearly as impressive as the blue oval would have hoped, so they plan on introducing an all new version for next year. As you recall, they brought back the Taurus nameplate last year after killing it off in favor of the Ford Five Hundred. The latter was then scrapped and replaced by the former.

Specifics have not yet been released, but Ford CEO Alan Mulally said that the new Taurus should be more appealing than the current model and that it will be “the one we should have made originally.” Bear in mind that it was Mulally who decided to ditch the Five Hundred moniker last year.

Realistically, I don’t see why the Taurus exists any more at all. Would it just make more sense to ditch the Taurus altogether and focus their attention on the Ford Fusion? The Focus already handles the lower end of the market and the Fusion can take care of our mid-size sedan needs.