Sanyo Mobile Phone Business Purchased By Kyocera

Sanyo Mobile Phone Business Purchased By Kyocera


It’s not a hostile takeover. Instead, this transaction is supposed to “yield great synergies and economies of scale in areas such as technology portfolios, R&D, procurement, design, marketing and sales,” according to Kyocera Corporation president Makoto Kawamura.

Kyocera has come to an agreement wherein it will acquire the mobile phone business from Sanyo. The agreement was approved by both firms and will go into effect on April 1st of this year, no fooling. A “comprehensive set of assets from Sanyo” related to the cell phone business will come under the ownership of Kyocera. This includes not only the infrastructure behind CDMA cell phones, but also PHS handsets, PHS base stations, and wireless communications systems.

The current plan calls on keeping the two brands reasonably separate, meaning that you’ll still be able to buy Sanyo-branded phones from a Sanyo-plant, distributed through the usual Sanyo reseller channels, but the entire process will be owned by Kyocera.