iPod Wrap + Integrated Speaker = MacWorld Best of Show

iPod Wrap + Integrated Speaker = MacWorld Best of Show


Usually, the two concepts that go into this product are only implemented on their own. On the one hand, you’ve plenty of silicon skins and other protective cases for the Apple iPod. On the other hand, you’ve also got a fair supply of speaker sets that attach to the popular music player. Audiowrapz from iFrogz combines these two concepts, protecting your iPod nano while simultaneously providing it with a set of speakers for mobile musical enjoyment.

Designed specifically for the third-generation Apple iPod nano, Audiowrapz from iFrogz will protect your music player from the usual set of bumps and bruises, but if you take a gander below the click wheel, you’ll see three speakers that run off of the iPod’s power. This means that you don’t need any additional batteries. Below the speakers is a headphone jack, so you’ve still got that option available to you.

iFrogz will be offering the rubberized solutions in a variety of colors and designs, including red, black, gunmetal, green, and pink. Audiowrapz is priced at $25.