Facebook Mobile Could Be In Works, Partnered With Nokia

Facebook Mobile Could Be In Works, Partnered With Nokia


Some people are saying that Facebook is even bigger than MySpace, and if this deal with Nokia to create Facebook Mobile goes through, the social networking site will get that much bigger. There’s word going around Nokia and Facebook are in negotiations wherein a portal into Facebook would be featured on the home screen of several Nokia handsets, not unlike the YouTube placement on the Apple iPhone.

We’ve seen all sorts of social networking on mobile phones already — the MySpace Mobile phenomenon is huge for Helio, for example — but this deal could go quite a bit further. Just as Microsoft recently snagged a portion of Facebook, Nokia is also looking into purchasing a stake in the company. Talks are still very much in the early stages, so no specific details have been released jsut yet.

Nokia, the world’s largest cell phone maker, is aggressively targeting companies that can offer cool mobile services for their handsets. They’ve got Ovi (mobile web service), Mosh (mobile social network), Navteq (location based services), Universal (music), Avvenu (file sharing), Twango (media sharing), Enpocket (mobile advertising), and now, Facebook too. The giant just got bigger.