Brando’s Got The Smallest USB Bluetooth Adapter?

Brando’s Got The Smallest USB Bluetooth Adapter?


If this isn’t the smallest USB Bluetooth adapter on the planet, it’s got to be pretty freaking close. After all, the dongle part barely extends beyond the USB connector, making it sit nearly flush with the side of your computer. Crazy stuff.

And this isn’t the kind of Bluetooth connection that’s as slow as molasses either. Brando proudly exclaims that this adapter is perfectly capable of Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, making it just as speedy as most of the faster Bluetooth devices on the market today. Data transfer is as speedy as 723 kbps and you’ve got an effective working range of more than 10 meters.

The Brando penny-sized USB Bluetooth 2.0+EDR adapter is on sale now for $24. Just try not to lose it.