Be a Guitar Hero on the iPhone For Real

Be a Guitar Hero on the iPhone For Real


What do you get when you cross two of the hottest trends on the market today? The question has now been answered because PocketGuitar has been created for the Apple iPhone, effectively letting you jam out like a real rock star!

Developed by Shinya Kasatani and available through the Google Code project, the application mimics the strings on a real guitar, letting users pluck away and create the best rock songs this planet has ever seen. The good news is that it makes great use of the multi-touch display. The bad news is that they are like real strings, so the “gameplay” isn’t exactly like Rock Band or Guitar Hero. It’s more like Jam Sessions for the Nintendo DS.

Installing PocketGuitar on your iPhone or iPod touch looks to be a pretty easy process — just launch the installer, choose sources, and add to your repositories — so there’s no harm in giving the string-plucking app a chance.