Wall Street Journal Likes, Dislikes Asus Eee PC

Wall Street Journal Likes, Dislikes Asus Eee PC


As much as we try, conventional bloggers don’t get nearly as much street credibility as guys from recognized newspapers and mainstream media. You can read up on countless bloggers’ accounts on a certain product, but Joe Consumer probably doesn’t pay very much credence to our opinions, relying instead on the talking head inside the television. As such, let’s have a look at what one such person has to say about a certain sub-notebook.

Walt Mossberg is one of the more respected names at the Wall Street Journal and this week, he provides a video wherein he discusses the pros and cons of the Asus Eee PC. On the one hand, he appreciates the effort put out by Asus to capture this market, because previous attempts have largely failed. He also likes the attractive price point and the inclusion of a QWERTY keyboard.

On the downside, he finds the specs to be anemic, the display to be too small, and the keyboard to be too cramped. As such, he believes that people will not want to abandon their Lenovos and Sony VAIOs in favor of the Eee PC. What Mossberg doesn’t understand is that the Eee PC isn’t supposed to replace these small laptops; it’s supposed to supplement them.