AT&T Has Red Hot Deals for Valentine’s Day

AT&T Has Red Hot Deals for Valentine’s Day


And we mean that almost literally. The iPhone carrier is gearing up for a special Valentine’s Day special wherein they are offering three of their most popular phones in particularly romantic red casings. As you can see in the scanned advertisement here, AT&T has three phones that they are willing to sell for a “limited time” for just $99.

Going from left to right are a (sort of) red version of the Samsung Blackjack II, a red version of the LG Shine slider phone, and a red version of the BlackBerry Curve 8310. Yes, they’re all red for this very special time of the year, the time of year when florists get to charge the same price for a compact car as they do for a dozen roses.

Yeah, you might be better off signing off on a two-year contract and grabbing a red LG Shine for your significant other, because even with 24 months of airtime and charges, it’ll still come out cheaper than a simple bouquet on February 14th.