WaterField Custom SleeveCase Designed for the MacBook Air

WaterField Custom SleeveCase Designed for the MacBook Air


You knew this was coming, right? Any time that Apple announces a new product, all the third party accessory manufacturers jump all over the bandwagon with new trinkets and the MacBook Air is no exception. In order to protect that super thin laptop, you’ll need a swanky slim sleeve. After all, what’s the point of having a skinny notebook if you’ve got a big, bulky case for it.

The crew at WaterField Designs are working on a protective sleeve that has been dubbed, appropriately enough, the new MacBook Air SleeveCase. It has been designed specifically for the notebook that tapers from 3/4 of an inch down to 0.16-inches of thickness. Obviously, the sleeve isn’t quite ready for retail just yet, but WaterField Designs promises to ship them out “no later than Friday, January 25.” That’s only a week away.

The MacBook Air SleeveCase is cushioned by high-grade neoprene and then the outer shell is constructed of ballistic nylon. I imagine the outward look would be in line with other sleeves made by WaterField. (Not to be confused with Cloverfield. You haven’t seen it. It’s not alive. It’s not huge.)