Spied: HTC Pharos Is Not Really A Pharos

Spied: HTC Pharos Is Not Really A Pharos


Yes, you read that correctly. The naming scheme is going to get a lot of people confused — I’ll get to that in a moment — but what you see here is an apparent spy shot of the HTC Pharos 3470 smartphone. As far as I can tell, the HTC Pharos is equipped a large touchscreen and eschews any sort of conventional keypad.

You’ll also notice that it boasts the same TouchFLO interface as that found on the HTC Touch, getting mated with Windows Mobile 6, a TI OMAP processor (200MHz), 128MB RAM, 2.8-inch QVGA display, Bluetooth 2.0, and GPS. Strangely enough, the HTC Pharos seems to be lacking in 3G or WiFi, making your mobile web surfing experience a little less enjoyable.

The reason why the Pharos name will get people to scratch their heads is that there is already another company called Pharos, and they happen to make GPS Windows Mobile smartphones too. And this device has nothing to do with them.